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About Us

About Us

The Ohio Legal Blank Co. and The National Bank Note Co. are located on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. Except for the very cold temperatures in January, and the “lake effect” snow that is typical of that month, it is a wonderful place to live. Snow shoveling is NOT fun but skiing is!

Ohio Legal Blank was formed in 1883 as a commercial printer of legal blanks. Our forms have always been “state specific” and are written according to the language that the Ohio Secretary of State provides. Since its formation Ohio Legal has continuously expanded its product line to include everything in the nature of a legal supply. Notary Supplies, Pleading Paper, Will Stationery and Manuscript Covers only touch the surface of our product line.

In 1859, The National Bank Note Co. originated in New York City, principally as an engraver of Bank Notes. Research tells us that NBN Co. won the contract to print all U.S. postage stamps from 1861 through 1872. We think that is very neat! We also printed currency for the US Government. In the early 1900’s the company moved to Cleveland and today our products consist of Custom Stock Certificates, Corporation Minute Books, Engraving and Embossers and other related Corporate Supplies.

Since 1936 a “Roberts” has been a part of both companies. Elizabeth started here as an assistant to the President, later in 1961 she and her son Dan purchased the businesses. In 1990 Dan’s daughter Debby joined the team. Debby became the sole owner in 2013. Although there are “family roots” here; we know that our employees, both present and past are equally responsible for the company’s longevity.

 All of us here at “Ohio Legal” are keenly aware that the success of our businesses is predicated on customer satisfaction and no effort is spared in attaining that goal. We promise prompt and friendly service at reasonable prices! We are here to help; just email, call or write.

Thank you for your interest in our company. If you have questions or comments, let us hear from you! We will be pleased to be of assistance.