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The Ohio hand held or pocket style notary seal embosser crimps the paper leaving a raised impression.  This is the best the tool as a deterrent against fraud. Ships same busines day!


SKU: 81010
Your Price $25.95
Compact, yet powerful. This standard of the industry seal embosses with little effort.  The die holder can be removed for easy carrying in purse or pocket.  A leatherette carry case is included.  This is the most traditional type of notary seal.  It crimps the paper leaving a raised impression.  When you order the traditional ohio notary seal embosser you should purchase a separate stamp that contains your name, county and commission expiration date. Ohio Legal Blank has plenty of styles to choose from!  Just scroll down our notary supply page! Diameter size is 1-5/8". One really great thing about using an embosser, is that since you alter the paper you've notarized, there is NEVER ANY DOUBT regarding the original document.  To get around the "copying" and "faxing" issues, you can purchase an embosser impression inker.  This works like an upside down stamp pad. After you crimp the paper just take the impression inker and tamp on the raised image you've produced.  This will darken the image and "viola" you've got a notarized document that you and your client will know which one is the original, plus... it can be easily be copied or faxed.

If you have questions regarding this product, JUST CALL, we are here to help! 

(216) 281-7792  M-F  9am to 5pm EST

****** NEW *******

Besides chrome, the embosser handle is now available in Pink. This is a good option if there is more than one notary in your office... you'll always know which seal is yours!  Very Nice!  A mere $3.50 extra. 
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    Add Seal Impression Inker? (For faxing and copying your seal impression)

    Add Notary Register & Guide? (Keep Accurate Records!)

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